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We're chiropractors that do a specialized structural try to the very best bone within the body called Atlas or also called "upper cervical". We help individuals with headaches, migraines, jaw pain. We do energy work called Biogeometric Integration (BGI) .

Many people will most likely say they have a migraine when they've a severe headache. However, even though this is among the symptoms of a migraine, it is much more than only a headache. Migraines are not just single incidents. They may be recurrent headaches, which may range from moderate to severe and which are generally associated with other associated symptoms for example nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, vomiting and loss of appetite. Often a person struggling with a migraine will most likely also show extreme sensitivity to even 'abnormal' amounts of sound and light.

What can cause Migraines & What Triggers Them Off?

Despite extensive ongoing research, scientists haven't been in a position to pinpoint precisely what causes this sort of severe headache or migraine. While some reports say they could be due to the development and constriction of the blood vessels on the brain's surface, other studies suggest they could be caused by inherited abnormalities in a few areas of the brain.

As there is still some uncertainty regarding the exact cause, all experts acknowledge one thing- differing people get affected by different triggers. Hereditary has a huge role to play inside the tendency to obtain migraines. An individual who has a genealogy is more more likely to have problems with this condition than an individual who doesn't need the genes because of it.

A few of the more prevalent triggers include:

• Extreme stress or tension

• Fatigue

• Skipping meals

• Excessive caffeine consumption or sudden withdrawal from caffeine

• Menstruation

• A lot of or not enough sleep

• Modifications in weather patterns

• Specific substances which are found in particular foods

• Hormonal changes

Prevention & Treating Migraines

The key to ensure that you preventing or at best lowering the frequency of episodes is based on recognizing and avoiding the possibility triggers.

Making a note from the events that transpired or perhaps the foods you ate prior to a panic attack will allow you to visit a trend so that you can know the triggers and can make the necessary changes in order to avoid them later on.

If the migraines are triggered off by changes in alteration in hormones or during the menstrual changes, your doctor can help you with the proper advice and medication to attenuate future incidents.

Neck Pain

Getting enough rest and eating and sleeping on a normal schedule may also help lessen the frequency and concentration of episodes as can stress management techniques and relaxation training. Physical exercise also plays a crucial role in preventing migraines.

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